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Unlimited DDoS Protection

Experience limitless DDoS protection

DDoS attacks are fatal and can result in loss of data and crucial information. We secure your systems from DDoS attacks and make sure that all such attempts are nullified.

Product Overview

Sophisticated DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection saves your system and data from getting compromised or exposed to vulnerable attacks. This is done by protecting the proxy by creating unique layer of security that acts as the bifurcating and middle layer between the attacker and the proxy. Sophisticated Website Application Firewall WAF is used to protect from the threat.

Frequency of DDoS attacks has increased 2.5 times in last 3 years|Cost of DDoS attack ranges from 20 to 40 thousand US Dollars per hour|Average size of DDoS attacks is increasing up to 1 Gbps with the potency to take a website offline

Stay away from DDoS attacks

DDoS Protection Features

DDoS Protection Features

Malicious Attack Defender

We protect you from Layer 7 DDoS attacks. Stay away from malicious attacks

Sophisticated WAF

Be protected from command injection, cross site request forgery, and SQL injection

Data Breach Prevention

We safeguard your data, like personal information and credit card details

Limitless DDoS Protection

With 170 plus data centers around the world, you can always stay safe and secured

Absolute Control

Monitor every move and scrutinize tiniest attempt with close focus – we offer you control

24/7 Critical Supervision & Support

With 100% response rate our team monitors and resolves the issues

Analytical Detailing

We find the insights and focus on the root causes which are potentially vulnerable

Customized Solutions

Looking for something that suits your specific requirements? Let us know we offer those too



How It Works

DDoS Protection secures and monitors the system with ultra effectiveness and safeguard your website

Feature 1

Monitor and Scrutinize

We monitor all the scripts and scrutinize the malicious attempts thrown towards the system in the forms of bots or attacks or scripts and clean them. Everything is done in real-time and this guarantees the security. With hugely strong servers we safeguard your website so that every sort of traffic can pass without facing any hiccups in the flow.

Monitor and Scrutinize

Feature 2

Multiple Layer Protection

Your systems are in safe hands, as we provide protection to multiple players. We safeguard you against Layer 3 to 4 DDoS malicious attempts at the machine. With such practices and procedures your website stays safe and secure.

Multiple Layer Protection

Feature 3

Instant Reporting

In case the system faces any unwanted traffic or malicious attempt directed towards it, it automatically highlights the issue which is then rectified by the team and reported on immediate basis.

Instant Reporting



Why do we stand out in DDoS Protection?

Hack Protection Akamai Stormwall pro DDoS Guard Sitelock
Unlimited DDoS protection Yes No No Yes No
Expert Antiddos Live Support Yes No No No Yes
Attack Statistics Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Layer 4 Attacks Yes Yes No No Yes
Layer 7 Attacks Yes No +$80/mo No Yes
Attack Defender Yes No No No No
Analytical Detailing Yes No No No No
Protected CDN Yes Yes No Yes No
Starts from $30/mo Request a quote $69/mo $180/mo $500/mo

17'294 Websites hacked daily

Don't be the next: we can help you!

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