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todayAugust 5, 2021

Cyber security + Cybercrime Muhammad Umer

Web Security : An obligatory term for starters

What is Web Security? What exactly is web security? In very basic terms, web security basically refers to the defensive measures and methods that organizations adopted to protect the business from, external threats and cyber criminals who make use of the internet channel as their mode of procuring resources. Web [...]

Boost the speed of your website

Enhance your website’s speed by 10x

No one has the patience to wait for a slow loading website. With 190+ Point of Presence (PoPs) globally and intelligent caching, we accelerate your websites and help you save bandwidth costs.


Website Performance

Product Overview

Much Needed Optimized Speed For Websites

Not every business can afford pricey packages with limited bandwidth that don’t do justice to the speed and performance of the website. Opt for unlimited bandwidth which we offer through our website performance service, plus we also fight slow-loading speed which improves the end-user experience. With CDN you can enjoy upto 10x increase in speed and performance improvement to a whole new level.

With better speed comes better performance

Website Performance Features

Use smart caching and optimize the speed

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Increased Speed

With improved performance, the speed increases resulting in better user experience

hack protection
Improved Performance

Content delivery network improves the performance and this uplifts a website operations

hack protection
Effective Caching

For a website where traffic is heavy, cache cleanup plays an important role

hack protection
Unlimited Bandwidth

With unlimited bandwidth the speed and performance of your website improves drastically

hack protection
Affordable Cost

Don’t let yourself burdened up with mammoth pricey packages, we have affordable offers for you

hack protection
Scattered Data Centers

With more than 190 data centers, the load is divided into multiple centers and users can enjoy better experience

hack protection
Decreased Server Load

Content is shared on multiple servers, rather than offloading it on just a single server

hack protection
Lowered Costing

With efficient content distribution and smart caching end user enjoys better streaming quality



How It Works

Improve the uptime of your website

Feature 1

Segmentation of Content

Every user has somewhat different content requirements. This can be judged by closely studying the patterns, based on different types of devices this can be easily found out. Based on a mobile device type, the content is shared as per device specifications.

Segmentation of Content

Feature 2

Better Storage And Safety

Content delivery networks offer protected and secure storage capacity, based on different types of content. For videos, particularly, CDNs secure them with the help of “Digital Rights Management” and can also stop accessing it via user verification.

Better Storage And Safety

Feature 3

Detailed Configuration

For enjoying better performances certain marks and notches need to be modified through the settings. This in return helps users to enjoy a better and improved performance. We offer a detailed configuration to speed up things.

Detailed Configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

How is our service gonna increase your website's performance ?

To speed up your website, we are providing content segmentation, a safe and secure storage system and detailed configuration. Apart from this we reduce https request and continuously optimize your website performance to make it better every time.

How is our service gonna affect page load time?

Page load time depends on the performance monitoring process. Our WAF plugin will first check the traffic authenticity and then will allow users to enter the website and all it takes a few seconds to complete the process.

Will my website remain offline during the optimization process?

No, Your website will remain active because optimization is a simultaneous process to rank your website on search engines and increase your web traffic and to do so, it’s necessary for any website to remain active to achieve the SEO goal

How can I check if my website is optimized enough or it needs some more improvements?

We provide website performance reports on a monthly basis, which help our customers to analyse the web performance. Other than that Google offers a variety of tools where you can test your website to see if your website is optimized enough. Simply you have to paste the url of the website and it will analyze it for you.

Will My Site be Optimized on Mobiles/High Latency Devices?

There are certain factors which need to be addressed well when optimizing websites for a high latency device such as:easy navigation, limited content, Resource optimization. Because Visual elements like photos,content illustrations, icons, and videos are the biggest bandwidth consumers on web pages.

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