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todayAugust 5, 2021

Cyber security + Cybercrime Muhammad Umer

Web Security : An obligatory term for starters

What is Web Security? What exactly is web security? In very basic terms, web security basically refers to the defensive measures and methods that organizations adopted to protect the business from, external threats and cyber criminals who make use of the internet channel as their mode of procuring resources. Web [...]


We offer high-end WordPress services

Stay protected from fatal viruses that can be injected to your WordPress site. We offer detailed analytical reports and keep updating plugins which need manual up-gradation.


Managed WordPress

Product Overview

Leave your WordPress Management worries to PROs

WordPress might look simple from a distance but actually it is not. There are times when you can face data loss and then you are in serious trouble without backups. Imagine your website getting attacked by malicious malware and getting blacklisted. How will you overcome that? Automatic update is life savior but there are times when automatic updates fail and we all know how tricky manual updates can get. Don’t let your website get blacklisted; let us manage it for you.

98% of WordPress attacks are due to plugins|30% of web applications are vulnerable to cross site scripting|71% of users are concerned about hacking of personal data|Only 40% of WordPress Websites are up to date|8% of WordPress security breaches are due to weaker passwords|Approximately 91,000 attacks take place in a minute by Hackers on wordpress site

All that’s needed in 1-click

Managed WordPress Features

All that you wished for your WordPress

hack protection
Quick Setup

With just one-click you can set up your WordPress – Yes, it’s that simple with us

hack protection
Backups On Cloud

You don’t have to worry about your precious data as we store it on cloud for your ease

hack protection
Detailed Reporting

Our team provides you with detailed reporting by highlighting issues with their possible solutions

hack protection
Power Of Analytics

We offer Google Analytics report so that you get a fair idea about your strengths and weaknesses

hack protection
Performance & Security Checks

We regularly run security checks so that vulnerable attacks are detected and cleared

hack protection
Immediate Backend Support

Our team is available 24/7 to provide you with spontaneous support, whenever you need it

hack protection
Malware Updates

Keep your WordPress free from malware and virus attacks, we cleanse your WordPress

hack protection
Affordable At Its Best

We offer the most updated and sophisticated WordPress services at very reasonable prices



How It Works

With just one click, you can now enjoy all your WordPress related issues

Feature 1

Maintain & Manage

With the help of our detailed WordPress solution you can now relax and let us take care of all your WordPress related issues. From bulk updates which might need manual proceedings to daily tasks which are needed to keep work in flow; we can handle it all.

Maintain & Manage

Feature 2

Improved Security & Performance

WordPress is exposed to vulnerabilities and it should be protected and secured from all the ends. Once the site is attacked it can compromise the data which can become a hassle for you. By carrying our frequent security checks we eliminate such attacks keeping your website secure so it can perform better.

Improved Security & Performance

Feature 3

Effective Monitoring & Controlling

Through detailed monitoring we help you measure the performance of your site. We provide you with detailed analytics highlighting the SEO performance, Google Analytics and uptime monitoring that can help you control the operations of your website and improve its overall user experience.

Effective Monitoring & Controlling



Why do you stand out in the Managed WordPress game?

Hack Protection HG Wordpress WPBuffs WpMaintainer
Malware Scanning
Google Analytics
Sucuri Security Monitoring
Uptime Monitoring
Weekly Reports
Managed Backups
WordPress Version Management
Works on your own host?
Deep level scan
Two Factor Authentication
WordPress Brute Force Protection
File Change Detection
404 Detection
Strong Password Enforcement
Lock Out Bad Users
Away Mode
Database Backups
Hide Login & Admin
Email Notifications
Starts from? $10/mo $14.95/mo $67/mo $99/mo

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need the WordPress managed hosting?

WordPress is a CMS unlike any other to create a website that is unique to your business, it comes with an abundance of themes that you can select from to make your website look appealing to your customers. It is extremely easy to use with minimal to no code required to set up your website. it comes with plugins that help you bring advanced functionality to your website and offers a wide range of features that can be customized. Be part of greatness and join our WordPress management services right away.

Why should you use our managed wordpress hosting plan?

Hack protection managed WordPress hosting is for you if you are looking for reliable and affordable managed WordPress hosting. We provide the best managed WordPress hosting to our customers with products, tools, and support to help them successfully handle their managed WordPress websites. The WordPress management services of Hack protection are of no match as we always keep your managed WordPress websites updated with the latest updates and features. WordPress management is an art that is mastered by our professionals, so that our customers receive the best WordPress management possible.

What’s the difference between shared and managed WordPress hosting?

Our team of experts at hack protection carefully analyzes your needs and upon that makes sure that you get the best WordPress management service as per your requirement. Shared WordPress hosting only offers a few WordPress-specific optimizations and it comes with an environment that is easy to set up. Whereas, Managed WordPress hosting is a fully-fledged hosting that covers features like upgrades, improved WordPress performance, virus scans, backups, and more. With our Managed WordPress websites you don’t have to worry about outdated security and features again.

What is managed WordPress hosting? Explained in more detail

Are you looking to create a WordPress site that is taken fully care of? Then you are at the right place as with our Managed WordPress hosting forget about outdated security and features that are vulnerable to threats. We at Hack Protection provide the best managed WordPress hosting with 24/7 support so that your visitors have an experience that keeps them coming back to your website. Get your managed WordPress websites right now and leave the rest to us so you can focus on promoting your business and creating content.

What Features of Managed WordPress will I get?

With the Hack Protection managed WordPress hosting you will get the following features that will ease you from the technical stuff and let you focus more on business,

  • We will take care of your updates and create timely backups of your managed WordPress websites for safekeeping.
  • Regular scans of your managed WordPress website will not allow room for security threats and help deal with any issues that can arise beforehand.
  • Speed is everything when it comes to satisfying your customers with Hack Protection managed WordPress hosting you will get performance optimization to keep your website running fast at all times.

Be ready to get full support with our WordPress management services as we offer the best managed WordPress hosting around.

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