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Zero Malware Pro

Scan, Detect & Destroy Malware Completely

Malware attacks on your website can be devastating and can cripple your digital presence. Zero Malware Pro makes the process of scanning, detecting and removing malware process seamless with one-click deployment.

Product Overview

Everything you need to know about Malware Protection

We make sure that you relax and let us handle all your malware related worries. We monitor your system, get alerts in case there are vulnerabilities and then get them removed on immediate basis. Chose the communication method which you prefer from SMS to direct messages on Twitter or from Emails to RSS feeds – we offer all. Malicious codes are first spotted and the removed from your system making sure that they don’t attack again.

98% of WordPress attacks are due to plugins|30% of web applications are vulnerable to cross site scripting|71% of users are concerned about hacking of personal data|Only 40% of WordPress Websites are up to date|8% of WordPress security breaches are due to weaker passwords|Approximately 91,000 attacks take place in a minute by Hackers on wordpress site

All You Need Is Here


The last anti-malware system you'll ever need

Malware Detection

Deep scanning of your website on file level to spot the malware

Quick Response Time

Answering your queries quickly to take timely action against malware

Malware Removal

Eliminating the malware from the roots to ensure it doesn’t come back

Manual & Automated Procedures

Built-in automated procedures and manual actions for reliability

Regular Vulnerability Scans

Periodic scanning of your system – prevention is better than cure

File Level Scanning

Comprehensive scanning of your server / website on file level

Blacklist Monitoring

Monitoring known blacklists for proactive reputation management

Nullifying Phishing Attempts

Our system actively thwart phishing attempts through pattern recognition



How It Works

The fully integrated system provides live updates and complete security of inbound and outbound data.

Feature 1

Unlimited Scanning For Detection

We provide you with unlimited scanning and detect the possible malware threats. This helps in letting you find out malwares trying to hit your system. We run detailed scrutiny to make sure that your system stays malware free and protected from hazardous attacks which can lead to any sort of data compromise.

Unlimited Scanning For Detection

Feature 2

Removal Of Malware

After the detection, the most needed step is to clean the system from those malware attacks and components. We remove the malware from the system immediately so that the impact can be declined and the system stays free from bad actors.

Removal Of Malware

Feature 3

24/7 Support

We fully understand how crucial it is to be responsive and we make sure that our team is available for you round the clock. We have a track of satisfying our clients with queries, solutions and get the work done no matter what. We are at your service 24/7

24/7 Support



Why do we stand out in the Managed WordPress game?

Hack Protection Web-Malware-Removal MalwareWebsite Cobweb-Security Webinspector
Malware Detection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Malware Removal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blacklist Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website Backup Restoration Yes No No No No
Geo Blocking Yes No No No No
Bots Protection Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Website Backup Yes No Yes Yes No
Spam list removal Yes No No No No
Cleaning Mode Manual + Automated Auomated Manual Auomated Auomated
Starts from $50/mo $110/instance $250/instance $179/instance $8.99/50 URL scans

17'294 Websites hacked daily

Don't be the next: we can help you!

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We provide Enterprise-Grade Security for your Business so you can relax while we protect you.


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