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Steve Mathew


"We were not sure how to tackle hacking attempts but HackProtection’s team is super easy for us"

Jose Richards

Associate Director

"The support team of HackProtection is amazing, never disappoints and is result oriented"

Henry Mclillan


"Malicious attacks are not our concern now; we have HackProtection to save us 24/7"

Kim Bullas

Co-Founder & CEO

"Customer data is safe and secured. HackProtection knows how to safeguard it from hackers"

Rick Masterson


"For us customer safety is crucial, that’s why we opt for HackProtection"

Shawna Daniels


"We couldn’t afford a huge team for security and safety, we outsource it and it’s both cost effective and effective"

Eric Peters

Founder & CEO

"We are glad we hired the right team for the right job; we can’t just stake our customers’ data"

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